Friday, July 22, 2011

Gained And Need To Lose

I feel so guilty. I gained about 4 lbs since I had my 1 more than one week vacation about 2 weeks ago. Then I had to do less hours of workout each day after the vacation because of the pelvic pain. I tried catching up this week but I must admit that I am still eating more than I should. And now I am having another pelvic so I wasn't able to do my workout for today and I am not sure if I can do my workout tomorrow still, because of the pelvic pain.

I really need to cut the portion of my meals as this will continue to be frustrating. I need to cut dowm my carbs as this really pushing my weight up. I am thinking of eating only fruits tomorrow for the whole day to cleanse my system. Then I will start eating veggies when I get home from work with few protein through fish and drink at least one glass of milk after.

I will not bring any bread on my lunch at work and bring more fruits instead, so I will not constipate because it gives me constipitaion if I am eating less carbs.

On my way to another fast weight loss.

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