Friday, December 23, 2011

Workout After 4 Days Of Pain

After 4 days of not working out due to pelvic pain, I am so happy that I finally did my Step Kickboxing workout for 50 minutes. Yey!!! I am still having some pain but it's tolerable so I was able to workout for 50 minutes.
Today I will buy the ingredients that I will need for my 7 days cabbage soup diet and make sure to lose weight before the new year, and will make sure to lose more for my vacation in the Philippines on February. I dont want to look skinny but just to look good for my age...

I will start my 7 days diet on Christmas day and then followed by veggies and fruit with less carns diet. This 7 days cabbage soup diet is only to cleanse my system for speed weight lost after.

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