Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guilty For Ruined Weight Loss Diet

I feel so guilty for ruining my weight loss diet this weekend. I have been overeating since yesterday and I have to keep focus on my plan. I can't look at the weighing scale for fear of seeing some weight gain. hehhehehe!!

But that's okey, I will make it up this coming week and be more focus on my weight loss routine diet. Spring is here and I really need to loose more weight.

But I am so happy with the progress of my weight loss. My clothes are getting loose. Infact, I have to use belt when wearing my favorite jeans because it's loose.

We were shopping around yesterday and I am so glad that the size of the jeans that I tried are smaller than before. I just need to wait for more weeks before I buy new jeans, because I am pretty sure that I will loose more weight.

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