Sunday, March 14, 2010

Loosing Weight The Natural Way

I over eat this weekend and I will try to cath up with my weight loss diet for the whole week. I think a weekend off for eating food that I really love to eat won't hurt. However, I over eat which is not very good.

My pants are getting loose and I have to hold on and continue dieting until I reach the weight that I want. I am not trying to loose weight and look like a trying hard to be sexy, eventhough I am sexy...lols.... I just want to look good on my age and of course, be healthy.

Exercising have helped me a lot to cope up with the type of work that I have. It releases some tension on my muscles and give me more strenght. It also help to speed up my metabolism.

So if you are trying to loose weight like me, you don't have to suffer eating less foods within the day. Or avoiding foods that you love. You just need to focus on eating healthy foods and foods rich in fiber while eating moderate amount of food that you love to eat. Eat more vegetable and fruit to help burn more calories and speed up your metabolism.

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