Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Process of Plastic Surgery In Canada

The most significant and dificult step in plastic surgery is selecting a plastic surgeon. This requires that the patient research the available physicians,, telephone the office, make an inquiry and attend the surgeon's office for initial discussion. Many patients will see two or more surgeons. How to decide where to make the initial call?

* Family doctor
* Wornd of mouth from friends and acquiantances who have had surgery
* Yellow pages
* Magazines, newspaper advertising
* Hair stylistm esthetician etc.
* Internet

Here in Canada, it require a referral from the family doctor because of the structure of the provincial medical plans. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by medical insurance and therefore does not require referral. The consulation usually takes 30 minutes ro 1 hour and sometimes charage a consulatation fee. How many consultations is up to the patient and does not need to be influenced by the restriction of the medical insurance plans.

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