Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Day Of The 7 Days Diet

I survive the 4th day of the 7 days diet eating only banana and milk plus the vegetable diet soup. I started the 5th day of the 7 days diet soup early yesterday, eating only chicken or beef with tomotoe. But I haven't eaten the vegetable diet soup yet. Hoping I will have the will to make another batch of the vegetable diet soup before the end of the day. I am starting to hate the taste of eat and thinking of not including it on the last 3rd days of the 7 days diet.

Anyway, I already have the energy to do my regular exercise since I have eaten some meat already. So I did, the 30 minutes step dance aerobics today and I am planning to do the 60 minutes exercise tomorrow.

I tried on some of my old jeans and I am so happy to see that it all fit on me now. However, I am still not comfortable wearing them because it's still kinda tight on my lower waist (it's all low waist)... I am more comfortable wearing loose jeans.

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