Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rest From Weight Loss Diet

I will be off fro my diet this week and will resume my 7 days diet the following week. But that doesn't mean that I can eat like a pig. I will make sure to keep loosing weight slowly by watching the food that I eat and it's portion, plus continue doing my regular exercise.

I have to wait for a friend to have the 7 days diet with me because she also wants to loose some weight faster. She also have tried this 7 Days diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup before, so she knows how effective it was. It's hard but it all worth it.

For the meantime, I will rest for this week and start the strict weight loss diet soon. It's good to take some rest to prepare your mind and body for another set to days, controling yourself not to eat the foods that you love to eat.

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