Friday, September 3, 2010

Vain For Beauty

I am not loosing weight.. Or even if I do, it is very slow..So I really need to start the 7 days strict diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup. I will start it on Monday and finish it by Sunday. I am crossing my fingers that I can do it religously, so I will loose the 10 lbs that I have been wanting to get rid off.

I need to loose 10 lbs before October after the result of the first laser treatment for my acne scars. I need to see if I need to add the loss volume on some part of my face after loosing weight while waiting for the improvement of my skin with the laser treatment for my acne scars.

The laser treatment will tighten the skin so I need to loose weight to see, if I still need to add volume on my face after loosing the weight. I am so VAIN!!!

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