Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Focus On Health

I only did 15 minutes abs exercise yesterday and I wasn't able to run at the gym last night because I feel so tired that I need to go back to bed for another extra 30minutes on bed. I felt more energized and I wasn't that sleepy driving back home this morning.

I did some household chores yesterday and I guess I have to blame myself from spending more time in facebook. I feel some kind of extra attention feeling that my hubby's xgf is staring at my fb like what I am doing to hers.

I guess I was trying to figure out if she is still interested with hubby. or who she really is? I know it's so weird of me and I really need to change my way of thinking on this. However, I figure out that she is not the bible person that she was trying to convey on her profile.

I need to take my mind off this nonsense thing and continue to focus my mind on more important things particularly on my health

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