Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Proven Effective Weight Loss

I am so happy with all the weight that I lost. I feel so great and more energized, in and out. I feel like it's a whole new me. It's changed so much in me not only on th eoutside, but more on the inside. My outlook with my everyday life changes as if, I look on everythings so light and full of joy.

The weight loss challenge that I joined at my work has still two more weeks to go. Whether I win or not, Iam so happy with the great motivation I got from joining this game. I lost so much weight in no time.

My weight loss journey doesn't end two weeks from now. I still have few more pounds that I want to loose that will completely change the way I look. I am a bit worried about the way my skin will look after loosing that much weight, that's why I have an appointment with my cosmetics surgeon today, to give me a good advice on how to look my best after loosing weight.

As my journey in loosing weight goes on, I realized that I need to eat lesser and do more exercise to continously loos some weight. I am thinking of taking weight loss pills once my metabolism has reached it's maximum. And if ever I do, I will make sure to take the best weight loss pills

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