Friday, December 17, 2010

Weight Loss Goal During Holiday

I have been eating a lot for a couple of days now. I need to watch the food and the amount of food that I am taking this weekend. I still have one more Christmas party to attend in few days from now, so I need to watch my diet so I won't gain weight.

I will try my best to continue loosing weight even if I am on my Holiday Vacation. This I can do if I will continue to watch what I eat and continue being active.

I need to buy my own treadmill so I can continue my workout even at home during my holiday vacation. But I am not sure yet if our budget can afford it. I still have to look at it. But I will definitely buy new dance exercise DVDs so I can continue working out with variety of movements.

I am planning to workout 2 times a day during my vacation. One 45 minutes aero everyday, and alternate 30 minutes body toning and 30 minutes ab training. If I have a treadmill, I will add 15 minutes run every other day on this workout routine to continue loosing weight.

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