Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Exercise Videos

I finally received the two recent exercise videos that I ordered online. I was so tired from last nights overtime so I wasn't able to try to dance with these two new exercise videos.

Tamilee Webb's Abs, Abs, AbsSeven different abdominal programs — Tamilee’s all-time favorite ab workouts re-edited from her earlier productions. The variety is super-motivating. Each day of the week, you get different moves, styles and settings. The moves range from classic curls and crunches to newer rotational, balance and Pilates routines. Mostly floorwork, Tamilee also includes standing, kneeling and seated exercises. The cuing is friendly and easy to follow (and Tamilee’s own toned abs are truly inspirational). One workout requires 1 to 3 lb. dumbbells

Jennifer Galardi's Sweating Sexy. It’s playful and flirty with moves that range from ballet to hip hop. Sure, you’ll break a sweat and burn some calories. But the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying your own sensuality (e.g. “toss that hair,” “make it big and sexy,” “add a little hip action”). The first section is all body sculpting. It features controlled, slower-paced movements designed to engage your abs, and lower body (e.g. pliés and relevés). The second section boosts the tempo and the fat burning. It features faster versions of the earlier moves while adding more contemporary dance steps

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