Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

I only lost 1 pound and I am already feeling disappointed because I only have about 6 days to go to loose 2 more lbs. Yay, I need to do this but everything is so slow. I can make it faster by reducing the amount of food I eat and totally avoid carbohydrates, but that will have bad side effect on me.

Whenever I reduce the amount of the food I eat and totally avoid carbohydrates and increase the amount of time of exercise, I will loose weight faster but, I will have a hard time sleeping. And the moment I go back eating the normal amount of food I usually take and reduce the amount of time I exercise, I will gain pounds immediately giving me more flabs on my problem areas.

So the healthier way of loosing weight through my experience, is by increasing the amount of food I eat that are rich in fiber. Those are fruits and vegetables. Making sure that all are well balance.

I also do less amount of time exercising and my exercise routine focus on my problem areas. So I will increase eating fruits and more tomatoes..

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