Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Weight Loss Struggle

I had a bad diet since Friday night. Our friends from Couples For Christ visited us last Friday and invited us to eat in Chinese Buffet nearby, so I endedup overeating. And today, I cooked a filipino pork stew and I wasn't able to control myself in eating the right amount.. lols..

This is the problem during the weekend. It is so good to eat together with friends or family which put your mind away on your weight loss diet. However, I was able to eat as many fruits for better metabolism, and I also didn't let the weekend laziness to stop me from doing my exercise plans for the weekend.

I still have more than one week to reach the weight goal for the month. I just hope everything will turn out good and still loose the 3 pounds that I want to shed before the end of the month.

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