Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ready For Vegetable Soup 7 Days Diet

I finally have the copy of Vegetable or Cabbage Soup 7 Days Diet Recipe and Plan. I have been thinking of searching this on the internet for so long now, but I always forget to do so and at last, I finally did. I have tried this 7 days diet and it is the most effective way to loose weight faster. After about 6 years, I will do it again so I can loose all the weight I gain after my last surgery.

This 7 days diet will make you loose 10 to 17 pound in one week. Infact, you can loose 10 pound in the 4th day if you dont cheap on the diet plan. As far as I can remember, I actually lost 10 lbs on the first week and continously lost 35 lbs for 2 months of continous vegetable Soup 7 days Diet recipe plan.

I will have more than 10 days vacation starting on Wednesday so this is the best time for me to start this 7 days diet. I have to loose about 10 pounds so before I go back to work, I hope I already lost the weight that I want.

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