Friday, June 11, 2010

Personal Tips For Proper Weight Loss

Yes, I lost another lbs and I will try my best to loose more. I need to loose at least another 3 or more pounds before the end of this month so I can look forward loosing another 5 or more pounds next month. So by the end of August, I have reach my weight goal.

I will continue my regular walk with my dog every morning followed by about 30 minutes exercise. Along with the fitness routine is my eating moderation adding the tomatoe and pepper on my food every morning when I get home from work. I need to eat moderate amount of food at least 4 times a day only with a maximum of 5 times, making sure to avoid taking too much fats and eating more foods rich in fiber like vegetable and fruits.

Tomorrow I will be attending a party at lunch and I need to keep in mind that I should choose more vegetable and fruits to keep me out of food with too much fats.

One thing I learned about loosing weight, cutting the calorie intake will only make me loose weight but the flabs around my waist and the sizes of my clothes are almost the same. It is by avoiding fatty foods that will help me shrink and loose the fats on my waist area with the right exercise.

Drinking a lot of water will help to flush all the food digested in your body and speed up the burning of fats and calories. So I have to make sure to drink 8 or even more glasess of water everyday.

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