Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Dance Exercise Videos For My Weight Loss

I finally ordered 4 Dance Exercise Video at I love their fast service that's why I ordered again. I can't wait to learning all the moves and sweating my fat away from these 4 Dance Exercise Video.
First is by Petra Kolberg. I cant wait to start dancing with on this video. "It's fluid series of not-too-complicated dance combos. It’s perfect for “non-dancers” —Petra always starts with a basic movement, then smoothly blends in the more challenging patterns. For example, a simple march may end up as a “six-count mambo with a rock step and a quick step ball change” (varied and fun, but not nearly as complex as it sounds). The dance moves range from cha chas and chassés to hip circles and body waves (with lots of optional pivots and turns). Petra’s smiling face, fitness-style cuing and encouraging attitude make it all very doable"

I can't wait to start pumping my heart with the hip hop steps of Jennifer Gallati. "A fun little fat-burner with three distinct hip hop styles: old school, sexy-smooth and world-beat. Poppin’ and dippin’ … shakin’ and jumpin’ — you’re burning calories as you work your midsection. The entire program has a party atmosphere — these girls are definitely having fun. Jennifer Galardi begins with hip hop classics like “butterfly” and “throw down.” Then it’s a sassy series of hip rolls, “slithers” and “catwalks.” You’ll end with a high-energy blend of Latin and Bollywood style moves. Jennifer’s straight-forward instruction includes some great visual cues (e.g. “move like spaghetti”). DVD has a 15-minute hip hop dance tutorial."

This is a short Hip Hop Dance video. It looks simple steps to follow from the video clip, and it's short which is good when I have short time to do my exercise. "Excellent cuing and lots of fun, it’s a great way to learn the newest hip hop moves as you burn mega-calories. The workout is non-intimidating and easy to follow because Juliane Arney always provides a “lifeline” (a simple step sequence you can return to if you start to “get a little lost”). Each of the three 10-minute sections starts with a basic 8-count pattern and gradually builds to more complex combinations. The moves range from grapevines and triple steps to “Outrageous,” “Double Dutch” and “Stir It Up” (push your arms up, then shake your shoulders and reach for the floor). Some moves are hard to do on carpet. DVD has a bonus 10-minute "Hip HOp Groove" segment."

I will finally learn kickboxing exercise from this video. I have been wanting to learn kickboxing and this may be a good start. "By Jeanette Jenkins, you get a motivating mix of powerful kickboxing and Jamaican-style island dance. It’s a combination that really works — the faster/slower intervals provide an aerobic/anaerobic element while the movement variety keeps you energized (a tough kickboxing segment is followed by an easier dance section). The kickbox routines include jumping jacks and kick-punch combos that engage the entire body as they blast fat (they’re true “combinations,” not just endless jabs or punches). The shorter dance segments have a softer feel, with low-impact step touches and lots of hip action"

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