Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smart Change Of Lifestyle To Loose Weight

I am happy with the weight loss diet that was given to us at the "weight loss challenge" at my work, because I can still eat all the food that I want to eat and still continue to loose weight. Funny but some people think that I am not on a diet anymore because they can still see me eating food like carbs.

I really think loosing weight is a smart change of lifestyle and some people don't realize that. They do their diet by removing all the foods that they love to eat that will make them fat and crave themnselves to death. They eat less and less only to find themselves gaining more weight when they start adding the amount of food that they eat. Ahh it is all about MODERATION and eating more food rich in fiber and of couse be MORE ACTIVE.

The 7 Days Diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup that I did for about 3 weeks is just to cleanse the system and prepare the body to the new eating habits and continue to loose weight.

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