Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ab Toning Exercise Videos

I just purchased two abs toning videos online few minutes ago. I need a lot of new abs exercise videos since my main problem is on my mid section. I only have two abs exercise videos that I always use and I really think doing different moves will make my toning more effective.

Five 10 to 13-minute segments, they each use a different ab-tightening technique. To maximize variety — and to fit your busy schedule — the DVD lets you play the segments in any order. The standing section works your abs as it warms you up for the following exercises. The core series uses planks and stabilization moves to engage your deepest muscle layers. The bootcamp portion features gym-style crunches and V-sit drills. Then it’s a stability ball segment that combines balance and core exercises. Finally, you’ll focus on your core with a well-structured Pilates matwork sequence. Kathy’s cuing is precise, calm and always friendly.

Led by Petra Kolber, this program burns calories as it tones your abs. It’s a time-efficient way to lose weight and reshape your midsection. No crunches or curls here, each 10-minute segment blends core muscle movements into every dance routine (e.g. hip rotations, chest pops, rib cage isolations ... even “the snake”). Each segment features a distinct style — from Latin and ballet to classic aerobic dance (this programmable DVD lets you play any segment in any order). Petra’s instruction is super-motivating — her energy is high, her form is perfect and her attitude is playful.

This is a perfect exercise while I am loosing weight.

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