Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More On Dance Than Cardio Workout

Today I did my 45 minutes Fiesta Fitness DVD Workout. I didn't run because I had to do some phonecalls.

It's not an intense sweating workout but I did sweat. It's more on dancing than a cardio workout which is fun to begin with. I did a lot of stretching afterwards to ease some back pain.

I am looking forward doing Gissele's Toning workout tomorrow. I am still thinking if I will do the combined cardio toning with abs or just the toning with abs, since I haven't tried the customized version of the DVD.

I am really having fun working out using my DVD workout. There is actually some DVD that is on my wishlist which is on sale only for this week. But I am trying to save the money on paypal for our travel. Gzzzzz!!!!

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