Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green Tea As Coffee To Prevent Cancer

My friend told me that Green Tea is a very good natural SOURCE to PREVENT cancer. So I made a few RESEARCH about how Green Tea can prevent CANCER and other BENEFITS you can get from it.

"According to scientific studies, a compound called POLYPHENOLS in GREEN TEA may inhibit the growth of Cancer Cells and the development of TUMORS. The benefits of these compounds is generally attributed to their antioxidant activity. Several cups of green tea per day are needed to enjoy this benefits."

This interests me because I was DIAGNOSE to have a Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Pseudomyxoma Peritonei does not act like most cancers and does not spread in any of these ways. It spreads along the internal surfaces within the abdomen, rather than into nearby tissues of the bowel or liver. The mucus collects in the peritoneum and causes symptoms. It may be many years before you have any symptoms from this type of cancer.

So as someone who are aware of having any type of Cancer, it is better to START a habit of DRINKING tea instead of coffee. Green Tea can be a good SUBSTITUTE for coffee. Unlike coffee, Green Tea does not contain a high level of CAFFEINE. Depending of how long it brews, a 6-oz cup of tea has 10-50 mg. of caffeine. It has a BITTER TASTE that coffee drinkers enjoy and the caffeine content which is less than coffee.

Green Tea stimulant IMPROVES concentration and boost ALERTNESS. It can also increase the heart rate and could keep you from getting a good night rest. However, too much caffeine can be HARMFUL in some way as this can result to RESTLESSNESS and INSOMIA.

Whether you have Cancer or NOT, INCLUDING Green Tea in your regular DIET can PROVIDE many beneficial effects. I will discuss more about Green tea and its benefits on my next post.

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