Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Horrible Experience in Mount Sinai Toronto

I just came home from Laparoscopy Surgery at Mount Sinai located at downtown Toronto. My surgery was schedule last Monday March 3, 2008 at 2pm. Unfortunately, the surgery that was being done by my doctor before me took longer than they expected. So they have to cancelmy schedule.

It was very frustrating as I have to fast from 12 midnight (no food or drink) and If I did not made a follow up on the nurse station, I will not know about the delay. The most frustrating part is that, they want me to stay for another day and fast for another day. I went home and promised them to come back early morning the next day, since they told me that I am scheduled for 8am.

And so I went back to the hospital at 7:30am sharp only to find out that I am on the waiting list. It was more frustrating as nobody wants to talk to me again, about the delay or whats going on since I have been waiting for more than three hours already. I have to call and go to my Doctor's clinic only to hear that my doctor is in a meeting for the whole day...OHHHHH grrrrr!!!!

I told them that if the diagnostic surgery will not be done today, I'd rather do home and re-schedule it some other time. I was so disappointed with the system that since my case is not an emergency case, they will hang me in the wall as if they are the only one who have lives outside the hospital. I had my Laparoscopy at around 7pm, March 4, 2008.

I suspect that the doctors dont want to release me right away because my case, as they have been saying, is a rare case. I didn't know that this is how horrible the service they have in Mount Sinai. I was disappointed because I've been hearing many good feedback about Mount Sinai's good International Reputation. Watch out because it's not as reputable as it is.

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