Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stripping Of Upper Eyelid

When all four lids are being operated in, the upper are usually done first. An incision is made in the natural fold at the back of the lid. In minor surgery, this will be about 24 mm in lenght, but when excess skin is being removed as as fat, it can extend as far as the wrinkles at the outer edge of the eye.

The excess skin and a delicate strip of muscles will be removed. Only a small piece of fate will be removed as the removal of too much fat can give the eyes a sunken look. The bulk of the excess fat is usually located near the outer edge of the upper lids, but the easiest fat to remove is in the middle, directly underneath the muscle. Fat will usually be removed from the inner corner of the lid as well. Although the operation is painless, you will feel some tugging and possibly some discomfort while the fat under the eyelids is removed.

The incision is usually closed with a small fine nylon or polypropylene stitch, which is easily pulled out later. Sutures can cause tiny white cysts called milia to form. a cold compress is placed over the eye while surgery is done on the other.

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