Saturday, March 15, 2008

Releasing Bacteria By Sweating

I had a slight fever yesterday and I feel bad. It's good that I am on vacation so I don't have to go out on the colds weather outside. But I still try to do my regular chores like tidy up the whole house in the morning, clean up some mess of my kids, do the laundry, cook etc blablabla. I can't do my regular workout on the gym because of my recent minor surgery but I if not, I will probably be doing a light workout like yoga.

Some people who have fever think that by lying on the bed and doing nothing for the whole day will make them feel better. Actually it won't. Lying on the bed for the whole day makes me feel sicker. I try to move as much as I can but making sure not doing a streneous work because it can be harmful to your heart. When you have fever, your body is simply saying you that you need to get some rest but not to be DISABLE.

When you have a fever you have some kind of bacteria inside of your body that needs to be release. Body movements help to raise your body temperature to help kill the bacteria and release it by sweating. Taking antibiotic for a slight fever will just harm your immune system.Pain reliever will help ease some body pains cause by the fever. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges and a lot of water to fight back the bacteria by raising your immune system.

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