Saturday, March 8, 2008

How To Release Gas After Minor Surgery

I feel a lot better now since the Laparoscopy last Tuesday. I still feel some kind of muscle pain around the area but I can do some regular activity. I actually picked up the kids yesterday at school and did a few grocery. This keeps me walking and a good way to spend time with the kids.

Some people think that after a certain surgery, it would be better to stay on the bed the whole day or so. With minor surgery like Laparoscopy, it is advisable to move your body as much as you can eventhough you feel a little weak. Take a walk or do some light house hold chores than lying on the bed for the whole day.

Walking is the best way to release gas inside your body that is giving you some pain. The more you move, the more chance of passing gas. The more gas thats coming out, the better you will feel each day.

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