Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tension Free For Eyelid Surgery

The Blepharoplasty is sometimes done under general anesthetic but is more commonly performed in the doctor's surgery or an putpatient basis in hospita, using local anesthetic and oral or intravenous sedation. The local is put directly into the lids and with a fine needle. Some peoplepanic at the thought of surgery about their eyes. Because it is important foy anyone undergoing eyelid surgery to be as tension-free as possible, you should discuss anesthetic options fully with the plastic surgeon.

Your face ia washed with a surgical cleansing solution, and the eye not being operated on may be covered with sterile bandage. The incision sites will be marked with surgical ink. This scratches but doesn't hurt. A simple upper blepharoplasty takes about half an hour. More complicated surgery or surgery on all four lids takes betweek one and two hours.

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