Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exercising For Weight Loss and Muscle Pain

I have not been religously focusing on my weight loss diet but I always try my best to eat in moderation so I will not gain any weight. It's really hard to focus specially if there are so many things that is going on in your mind. But I am happy that a lot of my clothes are starting to loose. I guess I am loosing fats because of my exercise routine. But it is still good to focus of eating the right food because this is the healthiest way to loose weight and not just through exercising.

Exercise also improve the condition of my lower back pain and it also make my muscles toned. I feel a lot better now but I still can't eat some food that will help me lose weight that is rich in uric acid like tomatoe and lettuce. I always feel that these two vegetables trigger some muscles pain including my back pain if I take too much of it. So for now, I can only eat fruit for fiber to speed up my metabolism.

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