Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fading Dark Spots and Slacking Weight Loss

I am so happy with the progress of treating my acne pimple dark spots with Lanlay Facial Cream. While I am happy with the speed fading of my acne dark spots, I have been slacking with my weight loss diet.

I have not been exercising for 5 days now. I was busy teaching my brother and his family in getting around Toronto last weekend. Monday, I had to go to the bank and get a certified check and deliver it to the real estate broker's office for the downpayment of the house. Then yesterday, we had the house inspection. I just hope that the closing date of this house will be final on June 28.

Today, I am going to have Lunch with my kids instead of having it on Friday. But I will do my 45 minutes exercise before I leave the house.

My weight is still the same however, I am suppose to already lost more weight if I have not been slacking on my weight loss plans. I need to loose about 8 more pound and it really seems so hard.

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