Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Treating Dark Acne Scars

I have an appointment with my Massage Therapist today at 11am. After the therapy, I am thinking of going to downtown to buy the cream that I used about 3 years ago, to treat the black spot of my dried acne pimples. It was a chinese drugstore and it comes with a whitening cream for underarm.

I remember using it together with the complete Proactive Solution to treat the scars. But I stop using it went I had my last vacation in the Philippines because my friend suggested me to use the Magic Cream instead. The Magic Cream worked for me but it makes my skin look so light and white and it also makes my skin so oily. I don't want to look like a trying hard Asian Woman to look white. hahahahhaha!! I love my medium tan skin tone.

If I can't find this cream, I might buy the cream that I saw in the internet few minutes ago.

Due to my busy life, I always in a hurry in washing my face. I have an oily face so I have to always make sure to wash my face thoroughly before going to bed. I always forget and I will always keep this in mind from now on... That I should use bigger amount of my Natural Facial Wash Gel and wash my face with a lot of water when cleaning my face.

I saw the big improvement in two days after thoroughly cleaning my face before applying my cream. Grrrrrr!!! I hate this dark spot on my face

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