Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fruit Cleansing Diet For Weight Loss

I already bought some fruits for my fruit diet that I will start today until tomorrow night. I will stay at home and clean the house while I focus on my fruit cleansing diet. I really need this cleansing diet because I can feel a lot of toxic substances inside my body that is giving me so many aches and pain in different parts of my body plus, I keep having acne pimple breakout.

So by doing at least one day fruit cleansing diet, it will plush out all the toxic substances inside my body to speed up my metabolism and loose weight faster.

All I will eat tomorrow are fruits rich in Vitamin C and low in calorie like strawberry, watermelon, orange, cantalope and melon. I also bought some apple for energy booster.

I might do this at least once a week for faster weight loss. I will porbably do this every Friday afternoon until Saturday night. We will see!!

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