Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DVD Workout For My Fitness

Yesterday I said on my post that I won't be able to do my 20 minutes abs workout because I was too lazy. But fortunately, I did... And today, I just did my 30 minutes kickboxing workout.

I was suppose to do the step kickboxing workout today, but unfortunately, the dvd hasn't arrived yet so I just decided to do the 30 minutes kickboxing workout. I hope that the three dvds that I ordered will arrive before the end of this week.

On the 3 dvd's that I ordered, the stretching exercise was included and I will make sure to spend at least one day in a week do to the 30 minutes strecthing to help ease my stiff muscles.

I also included another abs workout dvd, to make sure that I have variety of abs workout to use each week. As I've said, my focus right now is to have toned abs by summer. I am not aiming for a 6 pak abs anymore, but just making sure that I will look good with the clothes I will wear for summer.

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