Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stretch Exercise Video For Back Pain

I ordered another three dvd exercise videos few minutes ago. I told myself before that my next order will be after 3 months from last month. However, my daughter is having backpain since last week. I suspect it's because of improper position during their gym workout at their school. So I ordered the stretch video exercise to help her do the stretching every morning before going to school. This will help her stiff muscles to relax. I am still waiting for the result of the x-ray though.

Together with the Stretch Exercise Video, I ordered one Kick Box Step Exercise video and one 10 Minutes Solution Abs Workout. I thought of adding two more exercise Videos to save on shipping cost.

I still have few more exercise videos on my wishlist and I will probably not going to place an order for quite a long time, because I already have a lot of exercise videos to work on. If ever, I will probably order some kickboxing exercise videos since that is what I am having fun with right now. But since I already have two that focus on core area, I guess I will be okey for now. Anyway, it's the core area that I always want to work on while having fun.

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