Friday, February 25, 2011

Missing My Workout Due To Sickness

I will skip my exercise routine today as well, becuase I am still a little sick and I don't want to strain my lungs for that matter. But I pretty sure that I will feel a better tomorrow, so I will start my workout again starting with my 30 minutes kickboxing plus about 30 minutes abs workout using Tamilee Abs dvd workout.

I am a little bit guilty that I am not doing my workout, but what can I do? I am sick and my body is asking for some rest. I really hope to feel better sooner. I miss sweating with my workout dvd.

This week is my last week for my kickboxing workout. I will start my hip hop dancing next week then go back with kickboxing again for another week. Then change it every week after then.. I love my fitness life.

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