Monday, February 21, 2011

Total Cardio Workout with Kickboxing

I was suppose to do my Hip Hop Dancing Workout this week, but since I missed 3 days of my Kickboxing Workout, I will be doing another Kickboxing Workout for the whole week again.

I still have some mistakes and confusion on my Step Kickboxing DVD so I will give it another week to master the moves. Then I will move on to Hip Hop Dancing, and then go back to Kickboxing week again.

I really find Kickboxing Workout a very good Total Cardio Workout. It helps on working out my Upper Body and Core Area while I am doing a Total Cardio Workout. I love it!!! I am thinking of buying another 2 Kickboxing Workout maybe on April, if I will make good money on my blogging. I want to start having another fun weeks of challenge to master another kickboxing moves.

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