Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy For Outdoor Run For Perfect Weather

The weather is perfect outside for my outdoor run, however, I just finished my 60 mins. Total Body Workout DVD and I am am poop out. I can stil run but it's late already. I have to go to bed early as I still have to work.

If I didn't spend an hour cooking while cleaning the kitchen, I pobably have the energy to do my 60 mins workout and 15 minutes run. But I promised myself that I will put my family first. I hope they will like my Beef Callos.

I didn't do my Sunday Workout that's why I am moving all the workout schedule for this week which makes it longer hour to exercise each day.

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, I will do my 15 mins run before I start my 50 mins kickbox workout. I need to lose another 10 pounds to reach my ideal BMI

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