Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dangers of Smoking

The Dangers of Smoking - Apply a healthy lifestyle is essential to being healthy. One way is to not smoke. Every time we inhale cigarette smoke, there are more than 4,000 kinds of toxins that enter our bodies. Smoking is similar to insert poison into the body and of course hurt yourself and the people who are around smokers.

Currently the number of smokers worldwide continues to increase, especially at the level of teenagers. This is very unfortunate. They're young, but they have damaged their bodies by smoking. Of course this is a great challenge for us to increase their awareness about the dangers of smoking.

Smoking is strongly discouraged, even the world health organization (WHO) has warned that in the 2020-2030 year later tobacco will kill 10 million people per year, 70% of them occur in developing countries.

The dangers of smoking have been investigated and proven by many people. Many studies prove that smoking can increase the risk of various diseases, such as lung cancer, oral cancer, osefagus cancer, larynx cancer, bronchitis, impotence, high blood pressure, disorders of pregnancy, fetal defects, heart disease and vascular disorders blood.

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