Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleeping For More Energy For Fitness

Yesterday, I went to bed when I came home from work which is not usual for my Fridays. I usually sleep very late in the afternoons on Fridays. But I think I should do this more on Fridays.

I went to bed at 9am, after I drop the kids to school and then woke up at about 1pm. I feel so energized and did my 30 mins circuit burn stepboxing with weights plus 10 mins abs workout. I feel great.

I felt so much energy that I was able to help in re-organizing our house and re-arranging the two extra rooms. I even clean the whole house which makes me feel more relax this weekend.

I was suppose to do another run but the weather is not friendly so I guess I will just try to run 3x next week. I just hope that the weather will be kind to my fitness routine plan.

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