Sunday, September 4, 2011

Importance of Facial Mask For Acne

It is already September and summer is almost done, but it is still very humid. Humid weather makes my skin very oily. This is the time that I really need to be vigilant in keeping my skin free from dirt and oil.

I just received an inquiry about my facial mask two days ago, from a mother who have a daughter who is suffering from acne because of the oily skin. I advice her that not all Face Masks can be suitable to everyone. She have to choose the right facial mask for her daughter's oily and acne prone skin.

I also adviced her to see a doctor before using any skin care products. However, since I have also suffered the same skin problems for such a long time, I shared to her my very own experience about acne.

Doctor's acne treatment may or may not work for everyone. Unless you keep your skin clean, your acne will always persist.


Use the right facial mask two to three times a week. Use a facial steamer to open the pores and draw out all the extra dirt and oil on the skin. Wipe your face with a very clean and warm face towel and apply the right facial mask on your skin. Leave the facial mask for at least 20 minutes and wipe it off. Use the right skin care solution, after.

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