Sunday, September 4, 2011

Importance of Water For Arthritis

I didn't run yesterday morning as I've planned to because of the pain I am having on the left hips going down to my left knee, down to my left ankle. It is horrible.!! I suspect it is mild arthritis due to stiff muscles, so I made sure to drink a lot of water.

Water is very important to our health specially if you are very active and doing at lot of exercise. Water helps to clear the system as your kidney keeps on working hard to burn extra calories on your body.

Water also helps to lose weight faster because it speed up the metabolism and helps your kidney to burn more fats as you work hard to burn those calories by exercising.

The problem with me is that, I always forgot to drink as much water as I can which is giving me joints and muscle pain.

Anyway, even if I didn't run yesterday, I added 30 minutes dance workout on my dance workout routine. So I I did more than an hour workout yesterday.

Today, I will try to run after my 50 minutes dance workout + abs workout. I will make sure to do more stretching and drink a lot of Water.

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