Friday, September 2, 2011

Less Carbs for Weights Muscle Toning Month

I feel so guilty for not doing my workout yesterday. I was hooked in my passion in web designing. I just love to look at the changes I made with some of my blogs.

Tomorrow, I will make it up and cover the 2 days LOST workout times I had this week. I will do my Dance Off The Inches Belly Dance Workout today (45 mins) and run for 15 minutes. And on Sunday, I will do my Petra Just Dance (50mins)+ 10 mins abs workout and do my 15 mins run. I know I will miss two 30 minutes dance workout on my workout schedule, but I will leave it for now because my hips pain is killing me. Dance workout is giving me hips muscle pain.

I have printed the workout routine for the month of September, and I am ready to focus on my fitness plan. I will try my very best to watch the food that I eat for this month otherwise, I will look BULKy since my workout routine for this month is focus on weight toning exercises. So I need to eat less carbs.

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