Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery For Beauty Search

Patients who come for esthetic surgery do not have the imperative of illness putting them in the hands of a doctor for urgent treatment. Patient will always ask " what do I need doctor?".... There is no need for esthetic surgery, but desirable it may be. Yet there are many decisions to be made for each surgical procedure. The better informed the patient, the better his/her passage through the pre-operative and post -operative phases.

Whether you are a woman or man, favouring of beauty is pervasive. Society values those who are attractive and beautiful. This is why alot of us spen so much energy in the search for beauty. And cosmetic surgery has become a reasonably safe alternative for those who do not perceive themselves as attractive or beautiful. This is a satisfying means of achieving a greater measure of attractiveness and beauty.

A surprising number of patients come for surgical consultations in their 40's and early 30's after being unable to reconcile a feminist ideology with the desire to beautify themselves and stay the inevitable process of aging.

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