Saturday, April 5, 2008

How To Avoid Pain After Tooth Extraction

Last week I had one of my upper molar removed and it was the most painful experience I have ever experienced in my whole life. Although my dentist's hand is so light, I can still consider him as one heck of a dumny dentist here in Toronto. I don't know if he is the dummy or the dental rules here in Toronto. I am not quite sure about that, however I will share my expience to help people not to experience what I have experienced for a simple one molar removal.

The first time he was going to remove one of my lower molar ( 2 years ago), I was in pain because of the infection. He was going to remove it the same day but I refused and asked him to give me an antibiotic first, to let the infections go away and just come back the following week for the molar removal.

And so, he agreed, gave me a prescription and come back the following week. It was a very succesful tooth extraction and I never had any problem after. My recovery was quick and I can eat anything the next day.

After 2 years, I have to come back to him for the removal of my upper molar. I was in pain the day I came to him. I was shaking while he was removing my tooth. Half an hours after the tooth extraction, I was in the most horrible pain of my life starting from the area where the tooth was extracted. The pain was all over my face going to my brain. Two tylenol #3 didn't do much and the pain lasted for an hour. How foolish my dentist, that he will not give me any pain reliever if I didn't asked for it!!!!!

I forgot the system that I learned from my dentist when I was in the Philippines. To never extract a tooth when in pain or if it is swelling. The infection underneath is causing the pain and swelling and have to subside before the extraction. I was shaking while the teeth was being remove because of the infection.

So if you have a dentist as stupid as mine, prepare yourself and be smart. Never let your dentist remove your teeth when in pain because it can be the worst pain you'll experience 20 to 30 minutes after the tooth was extracted.

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