Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stupid Decisions From Mount Sinai Resident Doctors

My surgery(removal of cyst on the pelvic area) last for about 3 hours. I was under a high dose of morphin using (PCA) Patient-Controlled Analgesia, which make me feel nausiated and dizzy. I was actually sleeping the whole day.

That next day I tried to walk and was able to do few steps but I was so dizzy so my nurse help me to go back to the bed. I didn't eat or drink but I took a couple of ice cubes just to ease my mouth dryness. But I still vomitted .... But it makes me feel some kind of relieve to release some chemical they used for the surgery and I was able to get some rest. I tried to walk later that day to help my body to release some gas but unfortunately I wasn't able to.

The next morning (3rd day) after my surgery, I feel a lot better and energized so I did a few minutes walk to release some gas. The resident doctor saw me smiling and look a lot better so he gave a a solid food at lunch. Later that day I feel very nausiated and dizzy and having a lot of gas pain. What a stupid resident doctor to give a solid food even if I haven't release any gas. Just because he saw me smiling and look better doesn't mean inside me was already good enough to take solid food.

These is how resident doctors are to some hospitals. They don't really care how their patients will feel after some stupid decisions they made. They did not even give me any medications for the gas pain that day. My nurse just injected a pain medication which made me feel a lot better and I was able to fall asleep. They were expecting me to pass some gas and be able to go home that afternoon but I didn't, so I have to stay for another day.

I walk and walk the next day due my eagerness to go home but I was so unfortunate to release any gas. I didn't eat any solid food but just few sip of water. Later that day the resident doctor told me that I can go home. I refuse to go home because I am not passing any gas yet.... I told them that I will only go home if I have pass some gas. Immediately, the doctor order a stool softener and I was able to pass gas after 30 minutes. So I went home that day!!!

Did you see how stupid resident doctors are in Mount Sinai Hospital In Toronto ?!!!... I wish I can release their names but I can't because I am not as unprofessional as them. But you can track down their names if you are interested through the date of my surgery. April 11, 2008 and I was release from the hospital on April 15, 2008.... They probably need my bed for another patient that's why they want me to go home that day even if I have not release any gas. But I am not STUPID!!!...

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto is one of the best Hospital in the world. But watch out the decision of their resident doctors as they have less medical experience to make a better decision for their patients!!!!

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