Friday, April 18, 2008

Unprofessional Anesthesiologist In Mount Sinai Hospital

I have abandon this blog for quite sometime and I am very sorry for that. I had a surgery and I have to take a few days off. However I have tons of tips that I want to share with regards to my surgery. I will be sharing a lot of tips that can help you ease some pain after the surgery through my experience.

First I would like to share some horrible experience during my pre-operation appointment, a day before my surgery. This is important since all of the patient who have to undergo any kind of surgery is quite emotional.

Talking to the Anesthesiologist during the pre-operation should be a meeting to help the patient be informed about the positive and negative effect of the Anesthesia during and after the surgery. The complexity of the surgery shouldn't be touched by the Anesthesiologist since this is not part of this job.

How stupid this Anesthesiologist to tell me that there is a chance that I am going to die because the surgery is a major one. That I can loose a lot of blood, then my heart and kidney will collapse. Is that his area? NOOOOO!!! His area is only the anesthetic part...

I was crying after talking to him that I have to set an emergency appointment with my surgeon just to know what are my chances of living during and after the surgery. I never even bothered to asked my surgeon how much are my chances since I am confident that, if the chances are less, my surgeon would probably have discussed it with in the first place. It is just a cyst removal, however the cyst is quite big and the procedure is quite complicated since the cyst is attached to some organs.

I was relieve after hearing my surgeon that my chances of dying is less than 1%... She also said that the problem with this kind of doctors (Anesthesiologist) are, they discuss something that have no deep knowledge about.

So the main message here is to ask your surgeon the percentage to have before, during and after the surgery before talking to any medical doctor. This way, you are more confident on where you are.

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