Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Second Opinion For The Best Medical Doctor

I feel bad on the last appointment I had with my doctor in Mount Sinai hospital for my rare case. I was actually told them that I need a second opinion. But I was able to regain my trust after they explain to me all their plans and the procedures.

I am not stupid to sign a paper by simply telling me that the cyst they found on my pelvic area will be removed. They are the one who told me that my case is rare and the operation will be complicated. If they told me that the cyst is just a normal tumor cyst where it will be remove by the usual procedure, then followed by a biopsy procedure, I wont probably ask too many questions since the basic system is always quite known to everyone. That after the biopsy, they will know if the patient have to undergo a radiation theraphy or a chemotheraphy. But my case is different.

I thought for a while that I have to go to Buffalo New, York for the operation. But they told me that my case is now being done in Canada. There are actually some steps to be done on my case, and I have to know where am I standing now. I was actually talking to the resident doctor because my Surgeon was busy attending to other patients.

The resident doctor simply told me that they will remove the cyst and did not explain to me all the things that I need to know before and after the surgery. The resident doctor probably don't know what are the procedures that need to be done on my case. Then I told her that I am not going to sign the papers and I need a second opinion. A few minutes after, a more experienced resident doctor went to me and explained everything. It was a long conversation and made me feel comfortable enough to sign the papers.

This is my body, and since I know that my case is rare and the procedure will be complicated, I need to know if I am on the right hand. Not because they are said to be a medical doctors specialising on this field, doesn't mean that they are the right people to handle my case. I need to know what are their plans and the procedure, to make me feel that they are really the right people to handle my case. Being able to explain to the patients what are the pros and cons including the plans, preparations and procedures of the operation, will give the patients the trust and confidence that they are in the best care.

We all have the right to seek a second medical opinion. Make a research about your medical condition and this will be your good guidance to give you the right decision on who are the best medical specialist for your case. If the doctor cannot explain all that needs to be done, how can a patient trust that they are the best doctor on this field?......

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