Friday, April 4, 2008

Recovery From Eyelid Surgery

As most eyelid surgery is done as a day procedure, you will be able to go home once the anesthetic has worn off, but you will need someone to drive you.

Some surgeons will lubricate the eyes with a special ointment after surgery. A pressur bandage may also be applied for several hours, or even overnight. Your lids will feel a bit tight and may be painful and throb after the anesthetic wears off.

Eyelid skin is quite thin and bruises easily, so bruising in inevitable. It sometimes spreads to the white of the eye itself and while most bruising aorund the eyes will go within 10 days, this actual eyebal bruising might last longer. You can minimized bruising and swelling during the first 24 hours with the use of cold packs, Your head should be slightly elevated while resting or sleeping during the firstfew days.

Stay away from aspirin or similar painkillers for about two weeks before and after the operation,

Any external stitches will be taken out between the second the sixth day, but your eyelid will reamin sore and swollen for another day or two, In fact, the eyelids could be stiff and sore for about two weeks. Gummy eyes during the first week are not uncommon, and you can gently clean them with cotton swab, using plain water or a sterile eyewash. Some surgeon prescribe an antibiotics oitment to be used twice a day for about a week. Because your eyes will be dry and easily irritated for a while, most palstic surgeons recommend the use of eyedrops following eyelid surgery. Drops will also relieve burning or itching. Artificial tears used several times a day will keep the eyes moist.

Your haid can be washed in the shower after a couple of days, but you shouldn't move your head too much. Bending and lifting can make your eyes ache and swell and should also be avoided for two weeks. Avoid direct sun for several weeks. Sunglasses will protect your temporarily sensitive eyes from glare, dust and other irritants. You won't be able to wear contact lenses for about two weeks.

When you can safetely wear make-up again will depend on how your eyes heal. Most people can go back to work after a week (although many prefer to wait until the visible signs of surgery have disappeared). Anything strenous should be avoided for 10 days- including sex, which may result in a bump in the face. Alcohol is also a no-no as it stimulates fluid retention in the tissues.

Scarring is seldom a problem, although for the first few weeks the scars may be pink and slightly thicked. The removal of excess skin will leave tiny scars, which may remain swollen and lumpy for several weeks. Scars remain pink for six months to a year following the surgery before fading to an almost invisible white line, The most visible scar is the one that extends beyond the outer edge of the eyelid for a centimetre or more. Some cosmetic camouflage may be needed until it fades over the next few months. Your scars may not match either, but this becomes less evident as they fade.

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